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The 1994 Jubilee Error

    Back in 1991, I was impressed with William Millers method of Bible study, of using the marginal chain references, and so I was impressed by YAHUWAH to read and study my Cambridge KJV Bible from  cover to cover looking up every single marginal reference and note as I went.  As I was doing this the thought came to my mind that all the years since creation are accounted for in Scripture, and that if I could only rightly divide the Word of truth upon this point as I carefully studied each chapter, I would find this to be so.  As I studied one chapter a day, I marked the years and carefully weighed out the logic as I went.  However I was not the first one to make this amazing discovery of YAHUWAH's sacred chronology, Usher found it before I did.

    It took me five years to complete this study, but only about three years to get through the book of Ezra where I would meet the important date of 457 BC.

    In the years 1993 and 1994 many were getting all excited about the 1994 Jubilee.  So I looked into it, and studied it carefully.

    My reply was-  that the passage of Jeremiah 8:20 would literally come to pass around the Feast of Tabernacles that year.  As I had opportunity, I touched on this and pointed out the reasons why the 1994 Jubilee was unscriptural.

    For one, I knew that the Word of Truth tells us that the years 703-702 BC was not the year in which Sennacherib came up against Jerusalem.  I saw this right away because of my chronology studies, yet I was aware that the  "approved chronologists" have put this date 703-702 for that time, but not YAHUWAH!

    According to Scripture the year that Sennacherib came up against Jerusalem was "the fourteenth year of Hezekiah" II Kings 18:13.  The reign of Hezekiah was began about 726, thus the fourteenth year of Hezekiah was about 713-712 BC.  Therefore the years 703-702 were off course a little.

    Secondly the reckoning of the 1994 Jubilee was that the 50th year, was also the 1st year.  Example. 


1   2   3   4    5      6   7

8   9  10  11  12 13  14

15 16 17 18  19  20 21

22 23 24 25  26 27  28

29 30 31 32  33 34  35 

36 37 38 39  40 41  42

43 44 45 46  47 48  49

1/50  2  3  4    5   6    7



            Which, if carefully thought through makes no  sense.  "The fiftieth year" is literally  "the  fiftieth year".  Let me explain.  This Scriptural  statute is linked to the sabbatical statute, which  states, "Six years thou shalt sow thy field" Lev. 25:3.  If the 50th year was also the 1st year,   then there would only be 5 years until the next -- starting over   sabbatical.  Is this Scriptural?  Of course not!

    The Scripture stated  "six years" until the sabbatical, not five years!

    Some even got as far as Jerusalem expecting the end to come, because of the hype of this error.  If only the Scriptures had been carefully consulted, and the messengers of truth believed, no false path would have been entered. 

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