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The One Law in Contrast!

     The Law of Yahuwah is One Law!

The Ten Commandments  Statutes in the Pentateuch
Was spoken by YAHUWAH  Deut. 4:12,13 Was spoken by YAHUWAH to Moses Ex. 24:3, 4  
Was written with the finger of  Elohim Ex. 31:18  Was written with the finger of Elohim Compare Luke 11:20 to Matt. 12:28 along with Ezek. 36:26,27 & Jer. 31:33
Called  "the commandments of   YAHUWAH"              Ps. 19:8  Called  "the law of YAHUWAH" See Luke 2:23 & Psalm 19:7 "Law" in Ps 19:7 is #8451 (Torah), by definition -Decalogue or Pentateuch
Written on Stone Ex. 24:12; 32:15, 16   Written on Stone     Joshua 8:32, 34, 35
Written in a Book Ex. 20:3-17 Written in a Book  II Chron. 35:12 
Is Perfect James 1:25 Is Perfect    Psalm 19:7
Made Nothing Perfect Gal. 3:21-24 Made Nothing Perfect Hebrews 7:19


Commandments  Law and the Prophets (Old Testament)
Are to  "stand fast forever and ever"  Psalm 111:7, 8  "Till heaven and earth pass" Mt. 5:17, Acts 13:15; 26:22, Lk 24:27
Gives Knowledge of Sin   Romans 3:20; 7:7  Gives Knowledge of Sin Leviticus 11:43; 18:22 etc.
The Covenant Ex. 34:28 Book of the Covenant  Ex. 24:7
Was placed in the Ark of the Covenant  Ex. 40:20  Was placed in the side of the Ark of the Covenant  Deut. 31:24-26
Summarizes the statutes in the five books of Moses, in Ten brief comprehensive   authoritative Principles P&P p. 305  Amplifies the principles of the Ten Commandments Clearly and definitely explain that law. P& P p. 310
  Ex. 34:27, 28 After the  "Tenor" Review & Herald  May 6, 1875
Judged by  James 2:12  Judged by books in heaven  Dan 7:10; Revelation 20:12 & Early Writings p.51



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