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Assassination of John F. Kennedy

    When my grandmother was alive, she informed me that we were related to John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  My mothers maiden name was Kennedy, My grandpa had that Kennedy look.

    Americans loved John F. Kennedy, because of what he stood for (American freedoms and the Constitution).  Americans pretty much know that there was a conspiracy to have him killed because of what he stood for.  Americans were and are upset about it.  But they donít know who to point to and investigate.

    Lee Harvey Oswald did not shoot the President, he was simply framed, just as Timothy McVeigh was framed to take the heat off of the real conspirator.  Jack Ruby murdered Oswald because Oswald knew to much of who was involved etc..

 The Dallas Police Department was involved, else Jack Ruby would never have been able to get to Oswald.

    The two most important questions to ask.  Who benefited from the assassination of John F. Kennedy?  And why?  Lynden Johnson obviously benefited, by becoming the next president.  He may not have been involved, but he knew about  the plot, he just didnít say anything.  When he became President he immediately  reversed some of the things Kennedy was trying to accomplish.  But lets step back and look at the bigger picture.

    Remember Satan wants to be worshipped.  Thatís why he got booted out of heaven.  Since obedience is the highest form of worship, Satan must have a law for everyone to obey.  The National Sunday Law!  So in order for Satan to be worshipped this country must be subdued or conquered from within.  Itís Constitution stands in the way, as congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of a religion.

    John F. Kennedy was cleaning house in Washington D.C., he had ordered the CIA to stop smuggling drugs to support their mission.  They would not!  So Kennedy planned to do away with the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) all together.  He had already fired some of the big wigs.  He fired Charles Cabell from the CIA, and it was his brother Earle Cabell (mayor of Dallas) who ordered a different route for the limousine, so that Kennedy would be within shooting range.

    Two days before Kennedy was shot, he had printed up real American money backed by silver.

    The assassination of John F. Kennedy was a high conspiracy from top levels.  Several groups are known to have been involved in the conspiracy.  The Mafia, CIA, FBI, The Secret Service, and the Dallas Police Department.

    It was the driver of the limousine that gave the fatal shot, he was not suppose to put on the brakes when the President was shot, he was trained better than that, he was trained to step on the gas not the brake and get out of the way, but instead he brakes and shoots the President over his right shoulder.  This could be seen by reviewing the film slowly.  As the pistol kicks Kennedyís head shatters and flies backward.  The driver was William Greer a Secret Service agent.

   Lynden Johnson ordered the Warren Commission to gather all the evidence, and this they did, so they could cover it up.  Gerald Ford served on this Warren Commission.  George Bush knew about it, as he was head of the CIA at the Miami office, who gave orders for the bay of pigs, he could have tried to stop it, but didnít.

    But the picture is even bigger than this!

  Who ever suspected the papacy?  What?  The head of Kennedyís own church? YES!  The Catholic church felt it was her hour.  They thought they had their own in office.  They wanted that National Sunday Law for the Devil (which is unscriptural by the way, just ask any Jew which day is the Sabbath, they know the weekly cycle has never been lost).  But Kennedy evidently did not go for this.  Kennedy is said to have set back the Catholic church by 20 years in their trying to take over America.  No wonder Kennedy was shot!

    The Catholic church held the Second Vatican Council in the early 60ís, for the sole purpose of taking over the world.  The first regroup was during the Reformation (The Council of Trent) which was designed to overthrow Protestantism, which ultimately gave the papacy its deadly wound, when the French general took the pope off to prison in 1798.

   The Catholic church was expecting Kennedy to help them.  But John Kennedy became converted to the American Doctrine, and became a loyal patriot.

   Kennedy stood for what he believed to be right, come what may.  He knew that they would try to kill him, but he didnít care.  He loved not his life unto the death.

   He wrote a book called Profiles in Courage its about senators who hold to their principles against political pressures, like the pressure that will soon be coming with the National Sunday Law!

   The ex-Jesuit priest Roberto Rivera confirmed that after Kennedy said things while running for office like, ďIím for the Constitution and plan to maintain the separation of church and state.Ē  That he called for disaster!

   Yes, the Bible is still true, ďIn her (the Catholic church) was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.Ē Revelation 18:24

   We all should know by now that it is the papacy that controls the Mafia, or, that the Mafia works for the papacy.

   Likewise Robert Kennedy was shot!  Killed because of what he stood for, which was American freedom.  He and John were close.  And Robert was coming in to high position in America, a force to be reckoned with, so they had to do something.

   In recent times as Hillary was planning to run for the Senate of New York, some decent anti-homosexual Jews out of concern asked the only person they thought might defeat Hillary, which was John F. Kennedy Jr., they asked him to run against Hillary and stop her from capturing the senate of New York.

   Soon after he announced that he would run against Hillary, his plane mysteriously went down and crashed.  We all know Hillary was behind it!  Hillary is climbing for power (thatís why she went to visit the pope).  All the homosexuals are politically loyal, and will vote her in.  Hillary killed my relative!

   ďYAHUWAH said unto my Sovereign, Sit Thou at My right hand, until I make Thine enemies Thy footstool

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