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Queen Elizabeth of England

     Another ruler who refused to be dictated to by the papacy was Queen Elizabeth of England.  She was one of Henry the Eighth's daughters and ruled England from 1558 to 1603.  She ascended the throne following the death of her half-sister, 'Bloody Mary,' who ruled England from 1553 to 1558.  Mary had been a Catholic sovereign, but Elizabeth was a Protestant.

     "After her accession, Elizabeth wrote to Sir Richard Crane, the English ambassador in Rome, to notify the people of her accession.  But she was informed by 'His Holiness' that England was a fief [servant or slave] of the 'Holy See',' that Elizabeth had no right to assume the crown without his permission, that she was not born in lawful wedlock, and could not therefore reign over England; that her safest course was to renounce all claims to the throne, and submit herself entirely to his will; then he would treat her as tenderly as possible.  But, if she refused his 'advise,' he would not spare her!  She declined the pope's advice, and the hatred of Pius and his successors was assured." The Babington Plot p. 46 by J.E.C. Shepherd

    Queen Elizabeth wisely rejected the assumed 'Divine Right' of the papacy to rule over and control the throne of England.  Because of this there were at least five attempts to assassinate her.  These attempts all failed because she had a superb secret service group, and her life was saved.

    When the papacy realized that all their efforts to assassinate Elizabeth had failed, they turned to one of their Catholic sons, Phillip the Second of Spain.  In 1580 the papacy arranged for Spain to invade England.

    "Later on it was Pope Sixtus X who promised Phillip of Spain a million scudi to destroy the throne of Elizabeth, and the only condition the pope made in bestowment of his gift: 'he should have the nomination of the English sovereign, and that the kingdom should become a fief of the church." Ibid p. 47

    The famous Spanish Armada was sent to crush England because Elizabeth would not give her throne and kingdom to the pope.  For thirty years, the Jesuits tried to kill Elizabeth, but failed.  Finally, they conspired with Phillip the Second of Spain to annihilate her with the Armada.

    "We charge the popes of the 'succession' with being the prime movers in the entire adult life of Elizabeth to deliberately destroy her and her kingdom, forcing England's return to the domination of their evil, enslaving system, called the 'Roman Catholic Church.'  Not only was the pope the prime mover of the seditious intrigues in England, but he was the mainspring of the ongoing treachery.

    "The pope insisted on exercising absolute authority and sovereignty over all kings and princes, and dared to assume the prerogatives of Deity in wielding his  'spiritual' and 'temporal' swords." The Babington Plot  pp. 98, 99

    Queen Elizabeth was part of the spiritual force in the making of the King James Version, briefly mentioned the Epistle Dedicatory.  That sharp Sword was intended to give  "such a blow unto the man of sin [the pope], as will not be healed." 


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