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    The whole thing got started because of malicious rumors being circulated about the Branch Davidians.  Nothing ever came of them.  David Koresh, the leader of the Davidians, learned that the ATF wanted to get complete information about him in June, 1992.  Koresh invited the BATF [the government's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms] to come out to the the Mount Carmel compound in order to look and see what ever they wanted. Tragically, the BATF refused to come out.

   The siege on the Davidian compound began on February 28, 1993.  Instead of simply knocking on the front door, 100 BATF agents stormed the compound to arrest David Koresh.  Koresh went jogging quite frequently, and the government could have arrested him during those times, but they weren't interested in simply arresting Koresh.  The government wanted a confrontation.  Unthreatened BATF and FBI agents opened fire with automatic weapons at the front door and the walls, knowing that there were innocent women and children inside.

   During this siege, four BATF agents were killed.  The four BATF agents, that died on February 28, had all been bodyguards for Bill Clinton from the time of the Democratic convention until Bill Clinton became president.  These four BATF agents were the only federal agents to die in the siege.  Linda Thompson's video-tape Waco, the Big Lie, shows that those BATF agents were not killed or shot by Branch Davidians.  The tape shows the agents going into the compound through an upstairs window.  It then shows the other BATF agent, who is out on the roof, actually shooting through the window where those BATF agents had just entered.  Those four BATF agents, who were bodyguards of Bill Clinton, were killed by their own people [probably because they knew to much].

   Much could be said concerning how unconstitutional this attack was, and how every law was violated.  With so many crimes committed at Waco by people in high places, we turn to the aftermath of the Waco tragedy.  Many times an event can be better understood by the events that transpire after it.  Who benefits?  Was any controversial legislation passed that would destroy Constitutional liberty?  Was this pay back for something done in the past?

   Two weeks after the massacre at Mount Carmel compound, John Chafee, a senator from Rhode Island, called for a new law that would be a nationwide ban on hand gun ownership.  It would prohibit the sale, possession, importing, and exporting of hand guns.  Had Chafee's proposal become law, it would have torn a huge gap in the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which says, ". . .the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."  Every gun law that Congress passes is an infringement against this right.

   Who wants to disarm American citizens?  No one wants to be a dictator of a nation with 200 million guns around.  When the citizens of a nation are armed, where their right to own guns is not infringed, the crime rate is extremely low.

   Every man in Switzerland is required to have guns in his home, including assault rifles.  Crime in Switzerland is almost non-existent.  During World War II, Hitler

wanted to invade Switzerland.  The Swiss told him that he could send his army across the boarder, but none of his officers would return.  Hitler gave the order to invade Switzerland several times, but his officers simply would not obey.

   Who has hated the Constitution from the very beginning?  From the very inception of this country, the Society of Jesus have sought to destroy the Constitution.  They called the Constitution a Satanic document.

   The great French General Lafayette once said,  "It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country--the United States--are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests, for they are the most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil and religious liberty.  They have instigated most of the wars in Europe." Vatican Assassins p. 54 by Eric Jon Phelps

   Jesuits used their man, Bill Clinton, to instigate and carry out the destruction at Waco.  A statement  Bill Clinton disclosed April 19th and 20th 1993 from the Rose Garden and can be found in White House press release documents, where Clinton issued a warning and a threat to anyone who would dare join a religious group that was a so-called cult.  To Clinton and his agents, a cult is a group that is not part of any mainstream religious organization.

   Every major religious organization has been infiltrated and taken over by the Jesuits.  They want everyone to stay in the mainstream organizations so that they can more easily be indoctrinated.  Anyone outside the main churches will be more difficult to brainwash.  According to Ex-Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera, all the mainstream churches were taken over by 1980. 

   Waco was a warning not to join an independent church where the truth about the papacy and the antichrist [more accurate, antimessiah] would be exposed.

   Bill Clinton declared that Waco was a warm up, and confronting religious groups would happen again!  Does this sound like the words of a man who would defend the constitutional rights of U.S. citizens, or does it sound like a Jesuit who is carrying out the plans of the papacy?  Remember, in the secret Congress at Chieri, it was declared,  "Protestantism must therefore be utterly abolished... Catholics shall be imbued with hatred for all heretics [A heretic is anyone who does not believe the Catholic religion, anyone who opposes the pope, and anyone who believes the pope is the antimessiah].... we shall strike deadly blows at heresy.... They little think that Jesuits have in store for them the censorship gags and flames and will one day be their masters." The Jesuits in History Appendix I  by Hector Macpherson

   Bill Clinton was a Jesuit, determined to carry out the Jesuit plan of Chieri.

   Pope John Paul II has stated it very clearly:  "The proselytizing activities of the sects and new religious groups of America is a grave hindrance to the work of evangelization [what he means is that there are independent religious groups that are hindering the papacy's drive to take over the world]... The success of proselytism by the sects and new religious groups in America cannot be ignored.  It demands of the Church on the continent a thorough study, to be carried out in each nation and at the international level... For the response to the challenge of the sects to be effective, there is a need for an appropriate coordination of initiatives among dioceses, aimed at bringing about a more effective cooperation through shared projects which will produce better results." --Pope John Paul II, The Challenge of the Sects, Exhortation, Article 73.

    All these new religious groups have one thing in common; they all believe that the evil anti-christ [or anti-messiah] system of Bible prophecy is the papacy.

   Space forbids the quote by Malachi Martin for these groups to undergo attacks in The Keys of This Blood p. 291, 292.

   In other words; everyone who goes along with the Jesuits plan for the world will be allowed to live and those who do not will experience Waco!

    Yes, Scripture is still true, that: "In her [the Catholic church] was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth." Rev. 18:24.

    This does not exclude the blood of the little children and other Branch Davidians at the Waco massacre at Mt. Carmel.

    This info was taken and condensed from a chapter in the book The Secret Terrorists by Bill Hughes, copies of the book are available through

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