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=Ecyc(Mongolian version of Jesus)
  =Isus (Crotian & Romanian version of Jesus)
  =lliicyc(Pron. Eesoos, Russian)
  =Esu (A  god of trickery in Africa)
  =Esu (Isis in the Cuneiform language)
  =Esu(A principle title of Tammuz)
  "Esu, one of the principle titles of Tammuz." Mythology of all Races

    "Hesus.  Also called Esus.  In Celtic religion, he was the supreme god." Dictionary of Pagan Religions

"The first Druids were the true children of the Magi, and their initiation came from Egypt and Chaldea, that is to say, from the pure sources of the primitive Kabalah.  They adored the Trinity under the names of Isis or Hesus, the Supreme Harmony; of Belen or Bel, which in Assyrian means Lord." Morals & Dogma p.103

    "And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call His name YAHUSHUA: for He shall save His people from their sins." Matthew 1:21

     Any name other than what Gabriel delivered is man made!  Is your faith from heaven or man made and inspired from below

The god Esus depicted in his usual form as a woodcutter. Like Teutates and Taramos Esus was noted for the cruelty of sacrifices he exacted. Detail from the altar of Jupiter. Musee de Cluny Paris Belzeaux

Iesus = Esus

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