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Gnostic Writers

    What's wrong with this statement? "Several early Greek writers of the Christian church testify that the name was pronounced Yahweh." The Modern Judaica Encyclopedia Vol. 7, p. 679


Greek  writers   Other  sourses 
Iaoue - Clement of Alexandria   IAUA - Syriac method - (James Adair)
Iabe - Theodoret & St. Epiphanius  Ioua - Sabbath keepers on the island of Iona
Ieuo - Philo  Iowa / Yowa - Indians (esp. Cherokee)
Iao - Irenaeus  Jova - Romans
Iae - Origen Yuah / Y'wa / Yuwa - Karen of Burma
Jove - Homer   Yohouah - Ramundus Martini 1278
  Iohouah - Porchetus  1303
  Yah Wah - Indians (James Adair)
  Yo He Wah - Indians (James Adair)
  Iehovah - Peter Galitin  1518
  Yahoya - Bear Clan at Shangopovi
  Ya Huwa - Arabs

These testify to

the "e" at the end! 

These all testify to YAHUWAH,

 "a" at the end!


The Christian writers knew the pagan "Mysteries".

    "Origen, born A.D. 134 or 135, answered Celsus,  who had objected that the Christians had a   concealed doctrine said: 'Inasmuch as the  essential and important doctrines and principles of Christianity are openly taught it is foolish to object that there are other things that are  recondite; for this is common to Christian discipline with that of those philosophers in  whose teaching somethings were exoteric and  some esoteric: and it is enough to say that it was  so with some of the disciples of Pythagorus." Morals & Dogma p. 544

   "Clement, Bishop of Alexandria, was born about A.D. 191, says, in his Stromota, that he cannot explain the Mysteries, because he should thereby, according to the proverb, put a sword into the hands of a child." Ibid p. 544

    "Theodoret, Bishop of Cyropolis in Syria, was born in 393, and made Bishop in 420.  In one of his three Dialogues, called the Immutable, he introduces Orthodoxus, speaking thus: 'Answer me, if you please, in mystical or obscure terms for perhaps there are some persons present who are not initiated into the Mysteries'And in his preface to Ezekiel, tracing up the secret discipline to the commencement of the Christian era, he says: 'These Mysteries are so august, that we ought to keep them with the greatest caution."  Morals & Dogma p. 547

     "Masonry is identical with the Ancient Mysteries."  Morals & Dogma p. 624

    "Origen and St. Gregory held that the gospels were not to be taken in their literal sense." Morals & Dogma p. 266.  

    Why try and prove the sacred name from Greek Gnostic writers???

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