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      Houston, a most interesting name! What does it mean? Break it down, it means Hou 's - town, most name Dictionaries show Hugh's town.

      General Sam Houston was a famous patriotic American that led Texas in the Revolutionary war against Catholic Mexico. There is also the variant spelling Huston. Example, Huston McCulloch of Ohio State University is known for his arguments on behalf of the Newark Holy Stones.

      Hou is variously spelled Hu Hugh, and in Latin is Hugo, also the Welsh forms Hew and Huw. Pet forms are Huey, Hughey, Hughie, and Hughy.

      Hu is not only a general term or name for Elohim in Hebrew, but was also used among the Gentiles for Elohim, For example, New Zealanders and Australians, as the Oxford English Dictionary brings out that Hughie was the Australian working man’s vernacular for the Creator. They say, "Send her down Hughie!" and "let it come down Hughie!" (that is, rain!). Hughie is a diminutive of the name Hugh, the 'god' of weather.

      The Anglo-Saxon Dictionary by Bosworth and Toiler also confirm “Hu” as god. Several baby name Dictionaries show that Hu from Teutonic/Old German and English means 'spirit'. Another example, Bert means 'bright', Hubert means 'bright spirit'. Hu is also lord and sir in Chinese.

      We have to realize that the Gentiles were not sitting at the foot of Mt. Sinai, and if they did hear it, they were probably startled and didn't understand it. However, several attempts were made by the heathen in giving the Creator a name. Huehueteolt is the Mexican fire god, the oldest of the gods. Break it down Hue - Hue -Teo - lt.  Teo is Theo or God. In the time of this ignorance Elohim winked at; but now commandeth all men everywhere to repent and accept the exact pronunciation as He Himself declared from Mt. Sinai. Returning "to the people a pure language, that they might call upon the name of YAHUWAH, to serve Him with one consent." Zeph 3:9. Which language would that be? Obviously the pure Hebrew! But the point I was trying to show is that Hu was a generic name for the Creator, not just from the Hebrew but seemed to be known among several nations, and certainly the 'HU' element should not be left out of the sacred name!

      Many attempts have been made in explaining the sacred name. None better than the original essay "I AM WHO I AM" Ex. 3:14 NKJV. "This passage is intended to indicate the etymology of Jehovah (YAHUWAH), as understood by the Hebrews, no one has ventured to doubt." Smith's Bible Dictionary.

      In other words this passage from Ex. 3:14 is the meaning, definition, explanation or interpretation of the sacred name.

      The Assembly of Yahvah has noticed that this passage was intending to indicate the etymology of the sacred name, which they explain in their Bibles. Whence YAH from hayah #1961 to exist, AHAYAH self-exists (I AM), the first part, and VAH from havah #1933,1934 the last part, and quote excellent sources which show that havah (originally hawah) is the older form of hayah. Both hayah and havah mean the same, to exist. But the portion that has gone by unnoticed was the heart or middle of the translation, which is "asher". Asher #834 means that, who, and which is etc.

      This passage from Exodus 3:14 has not two parts, but three! Another word in Hebrew that can interchange with 'asher' is 'huw' #1931. Example, compare the following passages and usage's of asher and huw.

      "And Elohim saw every thing that (asher] He made, and, behold, it was very good" Gen 1:31.

      "And the gold of that (huw] land is good.” Gen2:12

      “Behold, Rebekah came out, who (asher] was born to Bethuel." Gen. 24:15

      “Now these are the generations of Esau, who [huw] is Edom." Gen. 36:1

       See by these passages how both asher and huw can interchange with each other. "The angel of YAHUWAH" Ex. 3:2 (That is, the arch or chief angel in His preexistence YAHUSHUA) could have said "AHAYAH HUW AHAWAH", but that would have made it to easy. Nevertheless I AM THAT I AM has its parallel or sort of a secondary translation “I AM HE, see Deut. 32:39 margin which leads to reference in Isaiah which leads to more references in the margin "I YAHUWAH the first and the last; I am He." He in Hebrew is Huw!

      When the chief priests and Pharisees came with lanterns and torches and weapons to arrest YAHUSHUA. He said unto them, "Whom seek ye? They answered Him, YAHUSHUA of Nazareth. YAHUSHUA saith unto them I AM HE .... . As soon then as He said unto them I AM HE, they went backward and fell to the ground." John 18:5,6. In the Greek, the words are Ego eimi, which are the same used in the Septuagint in Ex. 3:14, THE BEING. These are the exact Greek words used in the NT to describe what YAHUSHUA told the Pharisees, "Before Abraham was I AM." John 8:58. The King James Translators did not want these words to go by unnoticed so they italicized he in (I am he) to indicate the Greek words THE BEING. See the other places in John4:26; 8:12,24; 9:9; 13:19 and once in Mark 14:62.

     Huw is definitely part of the sacred names as seen in the prophets name Eliyahu (1Kings 17:1 margin) meaning "my Elohim is Yahuwah. Also Obadiahu (1Kings 18:3 margin) meaning "servant of Yahuwah". I AM WHO I AM is the eternal living One past,  present and future. John words it this way, "which is, and which was, and which Is to come." Rev. 1;4. This passage is also intended to indicate the etymology of YAHUWAH, notice the margin reference to Ex. 3:14, the true arrangement is in Rev. 4:8, "which Was, and is, and is to come." Which has not two parts, but three!

      How essential it is to have the heart of the matter correct, which is missing from some sacred name camps.




    Houston is a good name, for it reminds us not to leave out the heart of the sacred name, that is "Hu". "A good name is better than precious oil." The Preacher 7:1 Who's town? Huw's town! meaning YAHUWAH's town. Thy name is as oil poured forth therefore do the (wise) virgins Luv ya. Song of Solomon 1:3

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