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    Yahoo is described in the dictionaries as a rude crude barbarian.  The Hebrews were very religious about wearing the beard, as they believed it was part of being in the image of Elohim.  The gentiles considered them barbarians, and themselves as more civilized.  They liked to shave their beards and look more effeminate.

    As the Scripture says, "And all the people of the earth shall see that thou art called by the name of YAHUWAH; and they shall be afraid of thee." Deut. 28:11

    That's right!  The beard is scary, but that' the way YAHUWAH wanted it to be.  It's the mark of a male, like the antlers on a buck, the mane on a lion, the crown on a rooster etc.

    Some believe that the Yahudim were called Yahoo's, because there were so many names among them that began or ended with "Yahu", as in Eliyahu, Obadyahu, Yeshayahu (Isaiah), Yeremyahu (Jeremiah) etc.  "To ridicule them, these Pagans began calling them Yahoo's." Fossilized Customs p. 16   Also because they were worshippers of YAHUWAH, and the Arabs to this day still invoke Ya Hoo in their Dervishes.

    There is also an internet carrier named Yahoo, which I must say is one of the best internet search engines for sacred name sights.  If you enjoy playing with the internet let me suggest a few things you can have fun looking up.

    First of all I must say that there is a lot of trash on the internet.  There is some good too, but if your not grounded in the truth, after looking and researching on the internet you just might come away a very confused person.  If you want to know the truth.  Just go to your Scriptures, and you'll see whats going on.

    Now for some of those things you can look up.  If you do a word search on Y'wa you'll get Don Richarson's book Eternity in Their Hearts, a real must for sacred namers.  Y'wa is what the Karen's of Burma call the Creator.  Another word is YAHUWAH, you'll get my old web site when I was in Alvarado Texas, and some others.  Another is Ya Huwa, you will get a book written by an Arab writer called "What is His Name?" by Ahmed Deedat, which goes into the name issue.  If you type in Ioua you will get an old book called  "Life of St. Columba", where the text shows the island of Iona literally called  "Ioua", a form of the sacred name.

 You can also type in Yowa, you will see that the Cherokee call the Creator by this name.  Some Cherokee call the Creator Yahowah.  A mystical New Age Indianess

refers to the Creator as Y'wahoo.  If you type in Jova it will tell you of a tribe of Indians in Mexico called by this name.  I also found on the internet that some references bare out EAUA as some ancient form of the sacred name.  There was an ancient god called "Ea", the father of Baal.  This is a corruption of  "Ia" or "Yah".  Just as Yeshayahu or Isaiah  is in the New Testament as Esaias.  Immanuel in the New Testament is spelled Emmanuel.  This also helps explain how Yahu became corrupted into Iou, Iu, Iv, Eu, and Ev.  The name John though Strong's has Yehochanan, originally it was "Yahuchanan", corrupted to Juan (Spanish), Ivan (Russian), Evan (Welsh).

   These things might be interesting, but the point is,  the controversy between truth and error, is that man-made religion will not get you into heaven.  Man cannot make a day holy, neither can he make a name holy.  Obedience to man-made laws is not obedience to the Creator.  Naming the Creator or altering His name is an attempt to play God.  The Creator named Himself YAHUWAH from Mt. Sinai (feel free to ask for studies proving the sacred name from Sola Scriptura).  It's  OK to be a Yahoo, a worshipper of YAHOOWAH


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